Student Works and Testimonies

Artwork by Caroline Oesterheld

“I’ve been painting with Jo since early 2016 and continue to develop my watercolour skills as well as fundamental composition and drawing skills…With Jo’s very encouraging and inclusive manner as well as her technical skills, I’ve come a long way in my art journey. My art lesson is a highlight in my week and I feel that I’m progressing and developing every day.”

– Caroline, 2021

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Artwork by Veronik

“I find Jo’s step by step teaching style and creative flair covering landscapes and at times faces very easy to follow. In addition to her depth of knowledge in watercolour painting skills and her constructive feedback, I find her empathic and see how she gently encourages each of her students in finding their particular style. “

– Veronik, 2021

Artwork by Liz Robertson-Rickman

“Thank you Jo for teaching me the beauty of watercolour… I have appreciated your generosity in teaching us your skills and planning in all you do to create such beautiful work. Your patience and careful explanations make you a good teacher for a beginner and your experienced techniques offer so much for the more advanced student especially your beautiful Australian vista landscapes.”

– Liz, 2021

Artwork by Jenna

“Jo is a skilled painter. She has a wonderful understanding of light and tone. The depth she is able to convey in her paintings is astonishing. I highly recommend her as a teacher for her ability to demonstrate clearly how different effects are achieved and for her patience encouragement.”

– Jenna, 2021